NGL Touch is a self service tool for your library users. Using this application your users can

  • Self Check-out
  • Self Check-in
  • Self Renew
  • View list of items over due
  • View important messages from the library. For example: Recall notices, Reserved items at circulation desk and so on

NGL Touch has been designed with larger buttons which can easily facilitate finger touches from touch screen kiosks. 


Make sure that you are running NGL Version 3.0.4 Release 1 Update 3 or above on your server.

On the client machine where you intend to run NGL Touch you must install JRE (Java Runtime Environment) 1.6.0. You can download this from


Conduct these installation steps on the client machine where you intend to run NGL Touch

Step 1: Download NGLTouch from here

Step 2: Extract the downloaded into any location except directly into C:. You will now see a directory called NGLTouch. This directory has 2 more directories. One is NGLTouchFiles and the other is NGLTouch

Step 3: Copy the NGLTouchFiles and NGLTouch directory mentioned in Step 2 into C: drive

Step 4: Open using Wordpad or any text editor. This file is in C:/NGLTouchFiles

The following properties must be defined

  1. IP address of the server on which your NGL Server is running
  1. If your server IP address is then, 
  1. NGLIPAddress=


  1. Port on which your NGL Server is running. In most of the cases it is 8080


  1. Leave the below property as it is


  1. This is session time in seconds. When ever the user logins in, the session will be valid till 180 secs.
  1. After 180 seconds the Login  screen will appear. You can edit the session time here


Step 5:

Double click on C:/NGLTouch/RunNGLTouch.bat to run the application