This wiki helps you in installing new languages in NGL. To install a new language in NGL it requires 2 files


The first file contains the language translation for the Librarian interface.

The second file contains the language translation for the OPAC interface.

xx - stands for language code

YY - stands for country code

How to install a new language for librarian's interfaceEdit

Step 1: Place the at any location at the client machine

Step 2: Go to NGL Librarian Interface -> Utility menu -> Add remove languages

Step 3: Click on Add (Icon) and select the file mentioned in Step 1. That's it

Step 4: Close the application and open it again. Now in the login screen you can find the new language installed. Select the new language and click on "Choose Langugae"

These steps need to executed on all client machines in which the language has to be installed

How to install new language in OPACEdit

Step 1: Place the file in C:/NewGenLibFiles/OpacLabelsMessages (In Linux /usr/NewGenLibFiles/OpacLabelsMessages)

Step 2: Restart NGL Server and check the new language in language drop down list

To make the new language as default language for your OPAC usersEdit

Step 1: Open ENV_VAR.txt using a text editor. This file is present in C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles (In Linux /usr/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles)

Step 2: Add a line as below


Kindly note that xx and YY are language and country codes as specified above