This help guides you through enabling full-text indexing in NGL. NGL uses Apache Tika to extract the text from your digital attachments as well as URLs also. 

Please noe that you must be using NGL 3.0.4 R1 U1 or above to have this functioanlity

Setup for Full text indexingEdit

Step 1: Open ENV_VAR.txt using a text editor. This file is present in C:/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles diretory in Windows. And /usr/NewGenLibFiles/SystemFiles directory in Linux

Step 2: Check if you have the below you parameters in the above file



Save the changes and close the file

Step 3: If your Apache Tomcat (NGL Server) is running, close it and start it again

Step 4: Run RunIndex.bat file present in C:/Indexer.

The indexer will now index your digital attachments and URLs. Also henceforth whenever a cataloguerecord is being created, attachments and URLs are also indexed.

For linux users you may run the indexer using the following commands

cd /usr/Indexer

java -jar NGLIndexer.jar